Spiritual humanist Srimanta Sankaradeva

Srimanta Sankaradeva was a great polymath, who contributed in numerous disciplines. He created a new religious order named Eka Sharana Nāma Dharma, which had many distinctive features. He was not only a religious leader, but also a poet, playwright, textual critic, musician, actor, director, dancer, choreographer, painter, textile designer and so on. He was even …

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Discourse analysis of Srimanta Sankaradeva’s Kirttana-Ghoshā

Kirttana-Ghoshā is the magnum opus of Srimanta Sankaradeva (1449-1568), the medieval saint litterateur from Assam. Discourse analysis of this classical treatise is a challenging task. It is because discourses are sequences of related utterances or writings, whereas the Kirttana-Ghoshā has several such sequences. We have also to remember historicity in this study. While Srimanta Sankaradeva …

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